Come join us at the LeakDAS Conference in Orlando FL September 19-20, 2018. The conference will take place at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista located at 1751 Hotel Plaza Boulevard. Register at www.ldar.com. *Discount for early registration*


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InspectionLogic announces the new LeakDAS Database Pre-Audit Health Check

Do you have an audit coming up? Let a LeakDAS professional help you prepare.

  • Are you in compliance?
  • Do you have the correct regulations assigned to your components?
  • Do you know how to gather requested information?

Our team can provide assistance during the audit as well. This can be done with remote access or an onsite visit during that time. To learn more contact Christopher Tucker at 502-244-4505


End of Period processing closes out the last monitoring period, creates the current monitoring period, and populates the schedule. This is the procedure that calculates leak rates and  determines what needs to be done to be in compliance. It should be run once you enter the new monitoring periods (new week, month, quarter, etc.)

Your facility may have monthly monitoring as your most stringent frequency.  If so, then you need to run end of period processing at the beginning of every month.  If, however, you're doing weekly monitoring, such as weekly visuals on the pumps then that's your most stringent frequency and you need to run end of period processing at the beginning of every week. Be aware that you can't create next month's schedule until you're actually in that month. For example, you can't create February's monitoring schedule until you're actually in February.

Now, very importantly, you want to make sure all your data loggers have been uploaded and all your monitoring processed  into the database before running EOP. You want those inspections to be in the database before you fire off End of Period Processing to calculate where the components need to be scheduled for the next period. If you run EOP today and then realize that you didn't have the inspections loaded and processed you can't go back and recalculate the leak percentage by using EOP.  That period is now closed.  So be very careful and make sure that you've uploaded and processed before running End of Period Processing. 

There are times such as when making adjustments to rule definitions that EOP will need to be ran. For example, when doing a force rule change to move the component from one rule definition to another. Those types of rule definition changes would require that you run EOP during the period to make sure that the changes get put into effect.  But that's about the only time that you have to run EOP multiple times during a monitoring period.

LeakDASv5 Web Based Training Class

February 19-23 2018. This will be a live hands on cloud based training using your own PC. What makes this different? You will have access to a LeakDAS training database that will allow you to perform the LeakDAS exercises as a member of this class. This class is now open for registration. Sign up at www.ldar.com.

LeakDASv5 Hands-On Training Class

May 16 - 17 2018 at our Corporate offices here in Louisville KY. Come join us in the Bluegrass state. This class is now open for registration. Sign up at www.ldar.com.

FUTURE TRAINING DATES **dates subject to change  **

August 20-24 2018 -- This will be a web based class

November 12-16 2018 -- This will be a web based class

Let us schedule an onsite visit to train you and your group based on your LeakDASv5 customized needs.