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Leak detection and repair (LDAR) regulations affect almost all U.S. industry processes in which volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are used or manufactured. InspectionLogic is the leader in providing software for LDAR program management.

2015 LeakDAS Conference and Training
Sep 17

2015 LeakDAS Conference and Training

  • Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando

Why attend?

  • Learn
  • Network
  • Share
  • Develop ideas to improve your LDAR program
  • Meet people you've only talked  to on the phone
  • Get motivated
  • Take a break from the daily grind and focus on big picture ideas
  • Interact with others who are experiencing similar issues and problems
  • Evaluate new vendors, new technology and new products
  • Stay on top of new trends and topics
  • Have some fun

Our last LeakDAS Luau in 2006 - Can't believe it's been 9 years.

Dates:  September 16-17, 2015
Location:  Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando

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This is an open forum for LeakDAS users intended to educate, inform, and provide opportunities for you to give us your input.  All of our LeakDAS customers are invited to attend and participate.  Others are also welcome to attend on invitation from InspectionLogic.  If there are specific ideas you want us to talk about or address, let us know ahead of time.  This is your opportunity to talk directly with LDAR Professionals regarding important compliance techniques that can be used to optimize your LDAR program.

Day 1:
LeakDAS Training and Advanced Topics

LeakDAS v4.10 Advanced Topics

LeakDAS Mobile 8 for Android

LeakDAS Mobile 7e for Windows Mobile (new release)

Introduction to Custom Reporting with LeakDAS

Q/A with LeakDAS Guru

Voice of the Customer

Day 2:
LDAR Forum presentations

Making your Technicians Safety Heroes: Using Contractors as a Source of Early Detection
Steve Ellis and Don Cox - Orr Safety Corporation

Custom LeakDAS Action Panels: Concepts and Use Cases
Jane Steere - Trihydro

Unit Turnaround: Techniques and Technology
Tracy Short - Citgo

LDAR Audits: An Auditor's Perspective
David Ranum - Sage Environmental

Enterprise Mobility in Hazardous Areas: Keep Your People and Assets Safe and Productive
Justin Olivier - ECOM Instruments

VOC Analyzer Technology and Trends
Al Matta - Thermo Scientific

LeakDAS Mobile 8: Real World Experience, Real World Results
Kevin Polhemus - K&K Services

Trust, but Verify: Using LeakDAS to Evaluate Technician Monitoring Data
  -EPA’s expectations for electronic record-keeping
  -Setting monitoring parameters before monitoring
  -Identifying Method 21 anomalies after monitoring
Deever Bradley - ERM

What's New in the Windows Mobile World"?
Remington Rainey – Juniper Systems

WDA 2000 for Android
Linda Rodriquez - LDAR Solutions


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